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Personal Creative Practice: RECENT WORKS


Artist Statement

I believe that engagement as a practicing artist is an essential best practice for Art educators. Therefore, I add to my work in Arts education a depth of experience as a practicing new-media artist. 

As a multi-discipline Art educator and creative consultant, I place importance on creating across media.  My personal creative practice involves the exploration of ideas and the selection and experimentation with media that support those ideas. 


Ongoing thematic explorations include intersection of traditional and new-media techniques in public experiential art, graffitti, visual journaling, didactics and ceremony. 


My recent work explores the process of ceremony through large-scale installation and experiential artworks as a means of personal and community healing. My most recent sculpture series, Kintsugi, explores the acceptance and honoring of life events through ceremony, fire painting and sculptural ephemera. 

Graphic Design

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