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Creative Consultation

Graphic Design &


Above: Designed the "Find Your Creative" campaign for arts-based non-profit, Chestertown RiverArts.  Right: Designed websites for projects & community initiatives.

Community Mural Projects 

Community mural projects bring community members together in a way that trancends generational, racial, socio-economic and belief barriers. Creating something beautiful together makes ALL participants stakeholders in their community. 

Poetry and Performance Workshops

In these custom-tailored workshops students have the opportunity to read, write and perform their poetry both collaboratively and individually. 

Collaborative Problem Solving Workshops

In these workshops, participants are asked to work as a team to solve a creative challenge. For instance, in the Rube Goldberg Family workshop created for Kidspot at Chestertown RiverArts, families worked together as teams to make simple machines such as levers, pulleys, and wedges. By the end of the workshop, each group created their own “Machine" while working together as a unit to find creative solutions towards accomplishing a common goal. 

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