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This is my creative playspace. It is a place where I experiment with new media and learn to do new things.

What you find on this page may not make sense to you, the viewer, but I would be happy to share what it means to me! Feel free to contact me to ask about this space!

Experimentation with 3D scanning. 

I scanned this coffee can with an iSense 3D scanner. I emailed it to myself, uploaded the .zip file to my Sketchfab account, edited it and then copied the embed code into this website. 

Experimentation with 360 Panorama.

I scanned the terrace outside of Washington College's Miller Library  using 360Panormama by Occipital.  I emailed it to myself and embedded the web url into this website. 

Experimentation with 360Panorama. 

Above is a 360 panoramic view of the Miller Library Terrace at Washington College which I took with 360Panorama by Occipital. 

Isn't This Cool? 

Experimentation with ThingLink

Prototype museum tour for rural museum using ThingLink. 

Testing Wix Apps

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